Hey guys this is my first post ever on this site haha just thought i'd check it out! i just got added to this band My Antidote, they've been around for a little bit but not quite popular and we're just trying to generate a scene and get the ball rolling! Take a listen to us and let me know what you think? Our URL for Myspace is http://www.myspace.com/myantidote . Take a listen and let me know what you think. If you're from the MA area (NH, CT, VT, RI is all okay too) let us know if you want to get on some shows/get some shows together! thanks in advance everyone!

I kinda get what youre saying. We're gunna be going back to this studio we have around here soon just because those recordings are like a year old, we've added more interesting parts to songs, cut stuff out, have more songs with greater variety, you know the deal. Thanks for the input though bro, and I'll let you know when we have the newer stuff up to see if we changed your mind at all haha
A lot of the bands on this forum unfortunately fall victim to not always writing original music, and there are parts of your music that do the same. I'll break this down song by song for a nice solid constructive critique.
1st song: Extremely unoriginal to the point were I didn't want to listen at all.
2nd song: Started off really boring so I didn't listen to the rest
3rd song: By far you're best song. Original and catchy. Lyrics could be improved but overall I think this was a great song that I would actually listen to on my ipod.
4th song: This was also a very good song. Reminded me a lot of the hush sound which isn't a bad thing. Vocals sound the best in this song.
5th song: Didn't start out great but the verses were pretty good. The chorus wasn't great singing wise but since you said these recording are a year old I'm sure you can sing it better now. I liked the bridge to but felt it was lacking something, I don't know what though.

I hope I didn't come off as to harsh or anything, but I know bands need honest feedback rather then they're friends just saying "it's good".

Keep up the good work.
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