Is it safe to keep my guitar in the closet within a soft case? My roommate likes to keep the window open and it brings a lot of cold air in. I don't want to leave it out and let it get warped. So, is it safe to put it in a closet?
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Well that depends. Do you have monsters in your closet?

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Hmm. I don't see why you wouldn't. Just remember to actually play it, you might forget about it when it's hidden from your sight :S
Is it solid wood? If it's made of laminate then it won't really matter.
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Takamine916... what make and model guitar is it? Where do you live?
Could just get your room mate not to close the window.
A hardcase would be good for it too if you can afford one.

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I store the guitars I don't use in my closet and when I take them out to play they are fine. I have some in hardshell, and one in a soft case and haven't had a problem yet. I just try to maintain a steady temperature throughout my apartment
I live in Boulder, CO. It's starting to get really cold....I'm not gonna lie, the closet is pretty warm/humid. Sometimes, I can open it up and immediately feel warmer in there than I do outside of it.
Should I just buy a hardcase? She's a Takamine GS330S.