ONLY these to makers, no specific model either from them

heres what i play to give you an idea
ibanez 7 string [invader="bridge"] [air norton=neck]
Heavy Metal [duh haha]
clean very nice sounding channel [like to play jazz at times]

i like clarity in sound
i wanna hear every note get played
or the pick hitting the string kinda feel

influences [megadeth, slayer, paul gilbert, buckethead, iron maiden, trivium, parkway drive, unearth, all that remains, sonata arctica, van halen, lamb of god, pantera, killswitch engage, children of bodom, anthrax, as i lay dying, slipknot ehh many more]

please help before i make a BIG buy

and NO i cant test them out locally i SOO WISH :[

dude holy shitttt i have the same question and influences and shit toooo!! xDDD

if you lived near me i would hella make a band with u hahah

btw i don't know the answer to the q, i just thought i'd comment hahaha
hahahaha well god damn it idk where you live but CALI, LA is the place to be at to become a rockstar homie haha

but thanks though ^__^
wow such a vague question anyway both amp brands will have a product that can suit you anyway if you're looking to buy from either of them then you may wanna start looking at all the models both makers make
apples and oranges
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The ENGL E530 preamp is a great buy for sure. You can cover everything with it, and it has the trademark ENGL sound..... Def worth a look.
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both are good, it's personal preference i'd have said. VHT might be better value in the USA than engl, though (in europe that's reversed, vht are terrible value here).
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I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.