So I really need both, but for now I can only get one thing. My Epi LP studio, I feel is holding me back because of all it's problems. So currently I use it with Guitar Rig 3, which is really like. I really want a new guitar to have fun with, but I'm without an amp. I use my bandmates amp live, which is a peavey 5150 and I'm perfectly fine with that and i don't have any pressure on me about getting my own amp, but I do really want my own amp.

It's between these:

Ibanez S470 (blue) - $649.99
Pros: Better quality guitar, most likely wont have any of the problems I have with my epi. It's got a whammy bar which I want, faster neck, nice finish than my epi, better pickups, etc
Cons: I'm still without amp, though Guitar Rig 3 is still fine... But it's still a lower-ish budget guitar i think.


Bugera 6260 Head - $499.99
Pros: Nice affordable high gain tube amp, and I've already got a cab sitting in my room.
Cons: 120w is a bit loud to sit in my bedroom most of the time, though I will be cranking it a lot as I like to jam with my friends, but still have to play with a crappy guitar that need to be retuned every 15 minutes. I hate my guitar.

Any input?
Go with the guitar without a doubt. The Epi LP is shit and will only continue to be shit. Also, with no pressure from your band mate about the amp, no sense in hurrying up about that. I've been playing Ibanez for 14 years and i can definately tell you that they have never let me down. You can't really go wrong with the $600 range Ibanez. All three of the ones i've ever owned were in that range.
I'd get the guitar first. Since you're able to use your buddy's amp for now, you can manage without the amp for a little while longer. Plus, getting a new amp when you still have a shitty guitar (that's what I did) makes you second-guess yourself and think you bought a shit amp. Getting a new guitar makes you fall in love with the instrument all over again.
Alright, thank guys! I was leaning more towards the guitar anyway. I've been aching to play a new one for a while, I've had mine for a about 3 years. It's just that that Ibanez I want, all the sites have pictures of the guitar with dot inlays, but say "special s inlays"... then all the youtube videos have S inlays, but I want dot. I guess I'll just have to go up to Guitar Center... which is like 2 hours away.
I say ibanez my 350DX is amazing and every ibanez ive played so far has been amazing
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Epi LP studio is not a crap guitar. Its not awesome either but it does allow for saving up till you get your dream guitar (maybe an ibanez s prestige).
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Yeah it's not all the way crap, and we've been through a lot. It's just that the pickups aren't clear enough, and it seems like a lemon. There's horrid G string buzz and it's not caused by action, and I can't get it to go away. It's not normal fret buzz... the g string has no sustain and you can actually hear it sort of buzz though an amp. i've done a lot of work and it won't go away, it's the only string, and I've changed strings numerous times. Only thing I can think of is the bridge, or nut... and I'd rather just get a new guitar now. The ibanez has a lot more tonal versatility, locking nut, trem, everything seems better. I also have a lot of problems with the input jack... I've broken two cords from playing sitting on the ground because it sticks out of the side and pokes into the ground sometimes. The ibanez has the input jack on the front and I won't have that problem. Sorry for the wall of text haha.

And that S inlay thing is still bugging me... On the official Ibanez site, it says the S470DXQM has abalone DOT inlays... but all the youtube videos have S inlays.
Quote by Lethal Dosage
I say ibanez my 350DX is amazing and every ibanez ive played so far has been amazing

but he is being wise and choosing a ZR trem rather than the scum edge 3, the worst example of a trem ever!