I'm just curious and I want to see what people think what amp/pedals I'm using to make this tone It's a crappy cover of MoP

Do you guys think it's decent? o_o (Not sure if this in the right place or not >_>
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ill be honest. not that great at all. what amp/gear do you have?
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have you ever listened to master of puppets?
Tone isn't too bad really, but the song is miles off!
Haha, :X
Lets just say its not worth over 200 dollars

EDIT: Yeah, I know that I didn't play all of the song, :P. it was just a test run for my Guitar Hero World Tour mic, haha :P
I didn't feel like playing for 8 minutes straight >_>
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Mature pit regulars? Are you retarded?

I am a proud Zune 120 owner
Sounds like............... Solid state amp+Boss Metal Zone thing - very bassy and far too distorted. Not to be a dick or anything, but focus on solidifying your playing before you become a tonefreak.
I'm not being a tone freak haha, I just want to see how my crappy equipment compares :P. And I know I have a huge milestone to go through >_>, I know I'm a pretty horirble player, but that was just a test run for my GH WT mic o_O, (It isn't my best performance, I could have played a better version, but I'm too lazy T_T)
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Mature pit regulars? Are you retarded?

I am a proud Zune 120 owner
Yeah, it's sort of hard to make out what you're playing, but don't let it get you down. After all, you're recording your amp with a guitar hero mic.

Keep practicing and playing.
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Ummmm... thats suppose to be MoP???

But yea, the tone sounds like a cheap amp with a crappy distortion pedal in front of it... very digital and harsh.
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And slow the song down so you can actually learn to play it as opposed to just flailing at it and hoping for the best.

And yes, it's a horrible tone....way too much gain and bass although I doubt the recording interface is helping matters.
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It has all been said before me by my fellow UGers.

Just keep practicing the songs and keep messing with the knobs.
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