Just looking for some song suggestions, pretty much anything would be ok.

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Really anything by Three Days Grace is all in Drop D (standard - DADGBE). A few of their songs are in Drop C (CGCFAD) though. Never Too Late, Wake Up (requires capo 2nd fret), and Gone Forever are just a few that utilize Drop D standard. All songs do have electric parts, but I see no harm in playing them completely acoustic. Personally, I think Wake Up is a great one to play. Tricky and fun.
Hope this helped. If not....I tried.
theory of a deadman-say goodbye
Sick sounding acoustic intro and im positive its drop d
Ermm if i do believe...

A few of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' songs are drop D / Drop C tuning..

2 I know of are ..

- Guardian Angel
- Face down
This is in drop b on acoustic guitar but i paly it in drop d

Vermilion pt.2 -Slipknot
Never too late - Three Days Grace
alot of opeth songs
Some stone sour songs too
i have an epic one. there are 5 acoustic parts going at once (including an acoustic bass)

the song...warriors of time by black tide

its the intro part and then it goes into like mock dragonforce style riffs. better than df tho
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