I am looking to buy pickups for my Tele project, I was thinking something like a seymour duncan STR - 3 for the neck and a SH - 6 for the bridge. I play mostly hard rock/ metal, but I would like to be able to play some blues as well. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thank You.
The body is a standard alder tele body, and I am going to get a neck from warmoth, probably something with a rose wood fretboard and maybe maple or mahogany for the neck.
pics of the tele? (how are you planning on painting it?)


i've heard good things about p-rails...

I dont have a camera, so no pics, sorry. As for paint, I think I'll paint it something like the pale yellow fender used in the seventies. I'm planning on using the neck for cleans since the SH - 6 is a distortion pickup, but I've also thought about going with another humbucker (seymour duncan recommends a SH - 2n paired with the SH - 6) in the neck position and then splitting the coils on both pickups, how well does that work for getting a single coil tone? This is my first build, so I'm trying gather all the info I can. I appreciate the responses.
1 - I'm not a fan of the Jazz. I'd recommend an SH-1 '59 instead. Get the 4 conductor version.

2 - I don't think coil split yield convincing single coil tones. They sound a bit weak, since, for example, an SH-1 '59N has a D.C. Resistance of 7.43 k. If you coil split it, you reduce the output by 1/2, leaving you with a D.C. Resistance of one coil - 3.715 k or so. That's a significantly lower D.C. resistance than even some of the most "vintage" single coils on the market. Sounds kinda thin, to my ears. Then you factor in 60hZ hum....
However, I do support series/parallel switching. Series is how a humbucker is normally wired. Parallel wiring reduces the output by about 30%, brightens the tone, and is still hum canceling. It's a much fuller and more usable tone, IMO, while still not quite single coil tone, since it is still fatter.

3 - The SH-6 is okay, but I like the SH-5 better between the two.
Since your guitar IS made of alder, I would actually recommend looking at a Seymour Duncan TB-11. The AlNiCo II magnet in there works great for fattening up the bridge position of brighter guitars.