Just like a rock drum loop that sounds vaguely realistic that i don't have to make myself.

I googles, and failed.

A lot of people use Fruity Loops.

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garage band if youve got a mac
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A lot of people use Fruity Loops.

yeah but i could never get that thing to make any sound.
I can make one using EZDrummer.

You can't a better drum sound, without owning a drum kit, then that.
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guitar pro--->export as midi---->DFH?


Except, I'd go one further on simplicity and use Tabit. Damn near instant professional drum track.
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garage band if youve got a mac

great coat or greatest co...shit joke.

How do you get drum beats in garage band?

It always takes me to the internet for some reason. I can't remember what happens, but it never works.
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