Hi everyone, i recently changed my 'free-floating' picking to 'resting my wrist on the bridge' picking. But now i feel horrible!

For example, if im playing something like:

e [-------------
B [--------1-----
G [------2---2---
D [----2-------2-
A [-------------
E [0-------------

Immediately after hitting the base (big E), i reach to hit the other lower strings by slightly shifting my hand. Instead of having a long base sound, my top of my palm immediately mutes it.

And i feel that now my picking is extremely stiff compared to my previous style.

Help! What do i do? (i play acoustic)
1. Dont double post
2. get off the computer
3. pick up you guitar
4. play what feels comfortable
Why did you switch techniques? There is nothing wrong with a floating right hand, many people will argue that this is the absolute best technique actually.

Personally, I don't really have a problem with either. Do whichever sounds better and is more comfortable for you. If you weren't having any problems with the floating hand, why switch?
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And just do what those guys said ^
If it sounds good and is not holding you back then stick to your most comfortable technique.

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