a friend of mine has an epiphone with a stat style body it has three single pickups like a stat and has a head like an em1. can anyone tell what year this guitar is and where i can get more info on it. im looking to buy it and want to know what its worth. my friend told me he paid 500 bucks for it i told him he got ripped off. what do you think
I remember those selling as those all-in-one guitar packs. They arent really that good.
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Yeah, it's the Epi Fat Strat, I made a thread a long while ago on those. They are cheap starter guitars, not worth it. And if your friend paid $500 for it, he most definitely got ripped off, considering a brand new MIM Strat costs around $440 and the Epi was certainly used (they don't make it anymore methinks).

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