good news: special offers activites is on, more discount is available

My dear clients,

This is,thank you for your great support for us all the time.

The situation of the economy will be down,but our service will never. In order to show you our

effort, a discount activity will be held from 1st November to 1st December.

During the period,you will get the following discounts:
(1). Jordan 1--22, air jordan fusion, Puma, Nike shox, Air max: 3 pairs 115 US dollars.
(2).Jordan 23, Air force one, Dunk, Prada, Gucci,Adidas: Unit price 45 US dollars.
(3). high ( Air force one, Dunk, Gucci,) : Unit price 50 US dollars.
(4). If you buy more than 300 dollars, 5% discount will be given;
More than 500 dollars, you will obtain a discount of 8%;
More than 1000 dollars, 10% discount will be available.

Please take advantage of this opportunity, we hope you can find a nice gift for you and your

family.Your visit and suggestion to our website will be appreciated!

Best regards,


The Slut.