I had my les paul professionally fitted with emg's a while ago, and the input jack has always been a little bit dodgy. Always had to have it wrapped round the strap button so there was no weight on it or anything.

For some reason its gotten worse recently and now it doesnt stay connected unless i keep it pushed with my leg.

I know how to fix the problem on a normal input jack, just bend the connector thing in, but heres the jack that the tech guy installed;


So what can i do?
He told me its a genuine EMG jack.

EMG's apparently require stereo jacks. Why post if you cant help me? :/
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That doesn't look anything like the input jack that came with the EMG's in my Explorer. Check out this link and you'll see what it should look like. Just look at the picture farthest to the right.
Just rang up my guitar shop and he mentioned a faulty jack

I'm gonna take it in there tomorrow and get it sorted. Kinda annoying.

EDIT: thanks for your reply buddy!
I didn't until I read it was about a guitar.

There is no input jack on a guitar, I thought this was about an amp...

Anyway, it really is no big deal, I just thought I would point it out.
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