Guitarists don't usually talk about what they practice at home. Now I've been playing the electric for (only)10 months now and I've come to a stop in progress, I don't know if I'm making any progress at all . I think its becouse I've been practicing the same material for over 5 months now.
I want to play mostly metal among the lines of thrash(old Metallica, Kreator...), nu metal(Disturbed), and maybe hard rock(Godsmack).
Up until now I've been practicing mostly scales, chromatics and chords. Is there something wrong I'm doing? I practice for about 2 hours a day mostly using Guitar Speed Trainer to boost fingering, is it a must to practice more
I really need an explanation from the more experienced guitarists (which I bet most of you are) about how they plan their practice time and what they practice and for how long to get to the point where they are... Help UG dudes!
Play some cover work? I think a lot of people will say it's important to get some song's you want to play into your practice regime, aswell as the other exercises you're doing. Obviously i don't know your skill level, but i'd suggest learning a few metallica songs maybe. Master of Puppets might challenge you, which is good, also Nothing else matters and One. Something i learnt was Rock On by Jerry C. The riff is amazing, and took me a while to get, but im still playing it now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQexVfIATCw
Like i said, not sure about your skill level, so if you arn't too sure about Pinch harmonics, check out Justin Sandercoe's Squeeley Video on youtube.

Id suggest also, looking into some light theory work. Try and get a grasp on the fretboard, ie. Learn all your open chords, then learn those open chords using Bar chords.

Look at the pentatonic scale if you havn't already. If you have, check out the major scale, as it is really important.

Im not really an advanced guitarist (Been playing under 4 years) but that is what i would do if i were to start over again.
Skill... Well lets put it this way... I suck... Atleast I think I suck, I know I make a lotta mistakes, and I've tried MoP, not to bad at it but speed needs improving and fast palm mutes need improving too... And about soloing, should I practise a lotta scales? And what should I practice for faster strumming of chords(power chords mainly)? (I bet its strumming of chords) I feel like a two year old
Yeh dude, it's good that your trying these things. MoP is pretty hard, but i can assure you if you keep playing it, it will come to you sooner than you know. Not 2 hour sessions of MoP only btw, mix your practice's up.

With soloing, id suggest learning a few solo's of songs you wanna play. I know i mentioned it in my other post, but Nothing Else Matters and One have some good intro solo's/slowish solo's in. So id practice them.

With scales, there is a LOT of info to be taken in. I really dont know the half of it, i've only just starting grasping theory recently. You can definitly practice some scales though. Like i said earlier, Look up the Pentatonic Scale (5 positions). And id also check out the Major scale.

Fast strumming comes over time.

Also, if you havn't already, get Guitar Pro. It's incredibly useful for learning songs, and improving your technique (since it has a slow down function for songs).

But again, id say when your not practicin guitar, nerd up on some theory. I know pretty much everyone says it, but once you kinda know what your doin, it will improve your playing 10 fold.

Learning a song all the way through is some of the best motivation in my opinion, cover song or original. It doesn't even have to be a hard song, just so long as you can play it start to finish. I'm not saying dedicate all of your time to one song, mix it up a little, learn a variety of music. When i was starting out I learned the beginning to about a hundred songs, but nothing more. People would ask what songs i knew and i would say "I dont really know any songs, just a bunch of song parts". And learn the pentatonic scale, I find it very easy to just solo around on the pentatonic or blues scale, which helps when I feel overpracticed on a certain piece.
Guitar Pro has greatly improved my skills although I am still a noob. I owned tabs in book form for years, and a lot of songs especially GNR songs don't sound right if you play them at slow speed and that can be discouraging. With Guitar Pro, you can at least hear what it is supposed to sound like and work your way up.