I have a question about modulation, I thought it was simple enough but have managed to confuse myself and any help would be appreciated.

I am playing in the Key of Cmaj, say a typical I-IV-V progression (C-F-G). From what I understand I can use the G as a pivot chord and modulate to the Key of G, now what has confused me is can I then in the key of G move to another type of progression ie moving to a say a IV-ii-I (just an example) or am I restricted to continuing the I-IV-V in the new Key. I ask because modulation seems like a temporary thing and if you stray to far or deviate from the theme to much will you be able to shift back to C?

Hope this makes sense, I am without guitar at the minute or else I would just play it to see if it sounds good.

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a modulation is essentially a point in the music in which the tonal center of the piece seems to shift. once you have modulated, you are not restricted to any progression, and you're pretty much free to do what you like. a modulation can be temporary, but it doesn't have to be. you can start a piece in C, and then modulate and end in G, but you could also go back to C, or to any other key if you know what you're doing. i'm not too well versed in this, so I can't tell you all the theory on how to get from point a to point b smoothly, but i hope this helps a bit.
The great thing about music is that there are not many "restrictions". So, after you modulate, feel free to do anything you want in the new key! Modulation is never supposed to be "temporary"... Prog rock or classical music, anyone?

i dont think youd be restricted...its music. i had to analyze barouque music for a couple months and they never had restrictions like that so yeah...do w/e you want =]
I'm sitting in work here getting some stuff set up to go through tonight when i get home, and this modulation question I had no answer for. Glad to see that you dont seem to have to stick to the formula (eg I-IV-V) right through, don't know why I had that in my head. Thanks for the replies.
Modulation can be hard, but it came quite natural for me, Caues i enjoy the changes. Modulation is imo `1 of the best things ever, cause u can (when executed well) go anywhere with a composition.

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