With a change of bands and a change of tone comes a change of equipment.

I'm able to get a nice clean tone out of my Randall. The distortion sounds exactly like the Bogner Red Channel and Via's Carvin Legacy (which was modelled after the Bogner). The lead guitarist in my band actually plays through a Legacy, so our tones are similar in that aspect. Anyone that owns a Legacy have any good eq settings?

I juts picked up a XXX and still tweaking out the eq settings. I'm looking for a Metallica-esque clean channel, a Marshall crunch (90s rock-almost Plexi-ish) for the crunch channel and a Mesa-like distortion for Ultra channel. From a few hours of demoing it, I like it alot. It has EL34s instead of 6L6s which the Randall has. It seems versitile enough. The clean actually is usable for a Peavey. Any owners gave give me a brief review and some advice on it.

Here's my new rig.....

ESP: LTD Deluxe EC1000 (EMG 81/60)
Gibson: SG (Dimarzio Breed/Evolution)
PRS: Tremonti SE (EMG 81/85) *NEW*

Randall: RM50S w/ Blackface and XTC Modules
Peavey: XXX 120 Watt Head *NEW*
TubeWorks: 212 Ext. Cab w/ EMV *NEW*

Boss: TU-2 Tuner
Dunlop: Crybaby 535Q Multi-Wah
MXR: M-101 Phase 90
MXR: ZW-44 Wylde Overdrive Pedal *NEW*
MXR: M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal *NEW*
Voodoo Lab: Analog Chorus Pedal *NEW*
Morley: ABY Channel Switcher *NEW*
my friend used to have a XXX combo. great amp for what it was. crushing distortion on the ultra channel.
anyways, yah, its a great amp for metal, and its got pretty decent cleans. what i think, however, is that there really isnt much in the way of versatility by itself. but looking at all your pedals, you should be fine. it tends to work well with pedals, especially overdrives.
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My old band opened up for a another act whose lead guitarist used a Legacy. Sounded wayyyyyy to bassy, almost muddy. I don't know what kind of tone you are going for, but I would try to dial in the bass to where it's precise, and not overly boomy, dark, and muddy. The whole bands sound lacked because of this. The way he EQed had no precision in the bass.
As far as the XXX, I love those amps. In jamming with some buddies of mine, (XXX seems to be a popular amp around here) I've loved every sound I've gotten out of one. From a more scopped sound, to an 80's hair metal tone. They seem really easy to dial a desired tone in on. It's bright, but I don't think it's too bright. Definately has punch and clarity to it, cuts through the mix well. Great amp IMO.
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I get the Legacy sound out of my Randall and the randall is very bassy, so I turn it down a good bit. The tone I go for is Collective Soul/Three Doors Down to Metallica, Breaking Benjamin