Ok guys, first things first. In basic Math:


But now you ask "Gee, we already know this, now why did you tell us?" Well, im stuck between the BOSS GE-7 and the MXR 10. Thats where the math comes in. Since we all know 10>7, the answer is pretty obvious. But what i want to know (I've tried both pedals, but only for about 20 minutes each,) which one is better overall. Cause even though the MXR has 10 bands, what if those 3 extra bands didnt really do anything if its a "Bad" pedal to start.

You kinda get what im saying here? I hope so, cause if not, this thread = me looking like an idiot, lol.

Thanks guys
i'd say the boss ge-7 because its smaller. get the mxr iff your willing to keep tweeking your sound iff they get board of there current sound

but i mostly play metal and i use my boss ge-7 for a smiley face to get "chunk chunk chunk chunk" rythyms
Thats basically what i play. Chunky Doom Metal and Chunky Metalcore.

But what i need to know is quality wise. Like, are those 3 extra bands going to make that big of difference and such
they will make a good difference, but not necessarily required. put it this way: the increase in price for the few extra bands is fair for what you're getting. the MXR is by far one of the most (if not the most) recommended EQ pedals.

stay away from boss, go MXR. i've never heard anyone say they don't like their MXR eq pedal. can't say the same for boss haha.
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