I was looking at getting drum and bass in a song. What would be the best way? My school computer had a midi piano keyboard and used garageband to make differnent sounds. Would getting a midi keyboard be the best bet? Or are there free programs where you can click on stuff to make sounds to make a good sounding track. I have mixcraft 3 and all the drums on it sound bad.
Guitar Pro has some pretty good sounding instruments (I'm assuming you have your bass and drum music already written). Then once you write the music, you can export it into either a midi or a wave file (the guitar, bass, and drums have "realistic sound engines" which sound pretty good if you want it to sound better than a midi).
Well I just wanted to mess around with the sounds to make a good track. And also what are midi files? I thought midi was the type of keyboard for a computer.
MIDI is a set of commands for numerous instruments. You can use MIDI to control drum machines, synths, hell, all sorts of things!

The MIDI you think of is the file controlling your PCs virtual hardware (as in a keybaord that only exists as a program). If you used the same file on a Roland synth, you'd get a different sound altogether, but it would retain the pitch and length of each note.
So would for best results, I should use guitar pro make a track export it to wav open it in mixcraft 3 then just mix it and stuff?
For best results, you could export the MIDI you make in Guitar Pro to a sequencer which allows vst instruments. Then apply the MIDI to good quality vst (virtual studio technology) instruments.
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