I'm wanting to add some small toggle switches to a strat body to operate coil tap. I'm wanting to put them on the slightly longer (left) horn of the strat body but obviously there is no routing there.

How would I connect these toggle switches to the main electronic section next to the bridge? I don't want to have to cover it up with a scratch plate- do i have to route through the whole guitar???
most likely, it may just be easier to put them on the pickguard, it'll be a lot harder to drill/rout through the body then to just put them on the pg.

it'd be much easier to just put the switches on the pickguard, but if you're set on putting them on the upper horn, you can rout from the back (like the control cavities in guitars with no pickguards). Then you'd also need a back cover, and you'll have to drill a hole for the wires from the main route to the new cavity using a long drill bit.
You would have to route out the back of the guitar, and get a cover plate for it, and drill through the top of the guitar for the switch

you would then have to drill from one of the pup cavities for the switch cavity at an angle, being very careful to come out in the right place, and not half way though the back of the guitar.

It can be done, but obviously its much easier to use the existing routes.

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cheers yeah i think its gonna have to be under the pick guard, i was just thinking (hoping) i might have missed something that would make this easier lol. thanks for the help guys