First off im VERY new to the guitar, i had tried learning once when i was younger on a Johnson acoustic my parents had gotten me but i was simply too ADD to even learn a few chords. Now im a bit older and have an actual hunger to want to learn. I am a short guy (just barely 5'1) so most acoustics that ive held have been really huge and simply too uncomfortable to play. I was wondering what my options are for getting a smaller bodied guitar that wont be so bulky that i can barely get my arm over it. I thought about an ovation but idk. I have an electric i got from a pawn shop, a Maestro by Gibson with a single cutaway, and i love it but there are some acoustic songs id like to learn also. like i said im really new at all this so my knowledge of brand names and the such is still growing. any help?
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depends....what is your price range?

well considering im still learning stuff i dont want to spend a fortune but i know i get what i pay for so im not going to be too cheap about something either.
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^--- So your price range is?

lets just say its flexible, i wont put a number since im just shopping around, though less than $1000 is always nice.
check out "folk" style or bodied acoustics. alvarez as well as many others make this type of acoustic, it is essentially the same size as a normal acoustic, but has a shallower body.
awesome ill look into that thanks for the info, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well
I ahve a 1989 Ovatio acoustic/electric for sale. The guitar is in excellent condition. I'm asking $500 US. As stated earlier, the shallow body makes for easy playing. See pics under Gear forum.
Go for a Grand Concert body style...the name sounds like it should be huge but its a smaller bodied acoustic. There is a Taylor GC available for just your price range, and Epiphone's Masterbuilt guitars, which are all solid woods, are an incredible deal, at about $600-$700, depending on the model and features like inlay, bindings, etc.

Both the above are solid top, back and sides, which is the optimum for any acoustic guitar and will improve with age. At the very least, get one with a solid top; there are several available within your price range.

Larrivee also makes some really great ones (check the OM-03 or 'orchestra model'), although evidently their prices have gone up of late...check used.