I am in the market for a new amp. I am a fan of blues/rock but like to experiment with other things as well. This amp seems to be fit my needs but I was wondering if anyone has any experience w this amp and would share its pros and cons. thanks a bunch
I own one, and have had it for about 6 months. Fist one I got before everyone heard about them, but it had something wrong with the dsp stuff. Fender replaced it, didn't cost anything, took a while because they were really heavily backordered (~2 months).

Have had my new one for 4 months and no issues. Best practice amp I've played. I put in a jensen speaker and have mainly been using the models based on fenders. Not the loudest amp in the price range, best tone for a modeling amp in the price range.

If I were you, I'd compare it to an epi vj, blackheart little giant, vox ad30vt, and crate v18 and decide which you like more, and if you need the modeling and effects that the super champ offers. I love mine, in spite of the first one having issues. Warranties are there for a reason.

edit: I play pretty much the same stuff, mainly blues and classic rock, a little modern rock, and tool when the mood strikes.
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I've played one twice now along with Blues Jrs, VibroChamps, Champ 600s, Vypyrs, Valvekings, Crates, and I REALLY like the SuperChamp. Nice tube sound, 15 watts, and the effects are decent. It was in my top 3 when I settled on the Valveking which I don't regret but for Blues and Rock only - it is a great little amp.
Yeah, I've had no problems since the first one, which was one of their early models and apparently they've been getting better with quality control since then. It's got a 5 year warranty as well, so I'm not too worried about it.
Probably the best hybrid amp currently on the low-end market. Although the high gain will not sound incredibly perfect, it does its job, and the cleans sound incredible for such a so-called "low-end" amp. I highly recommend.
awesome. I actually just picked it up and I am digging this thing. Those effects are plenty of fun to mess with and the amp overall has made my guitar sound muchhh better. I am very happy with it, so far so good
yes the cleans are incredible, i like to call it the clean machine, cause theres so many clean sounds the thing can do not only cause of the moddeles, but withing the modellers aswell, not only are they plentifull but they all sound so F'in great.
I'm playing with a squire strat. I've only been playing for 11 months or so, so I don't really want a new guitar any time soon, but this amp makes my current guitar sound amazing.

Also, what exactly are the cleans you speak of? Noobish question I know but it's gotta get asked at one point or another
Cleans are a clean signal, no distortion.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Cleans would be the first channel, without all the voicings, or voices 1,2,4,15 off the top of my head. Again, happy new amp day, nice choice of amp. I bet the strat sounds swell through it.
aight that's what i thought, nice. Yeah I amp really enjoying this bad boy. I cranked it up to 10's before, good lord that thing is loud
so are there even any perceived downsides to this beast? b/c i've been using it daily and it rocks on so many f'n levels
I've heard it's one of the best modeling amps in the range. Show us some clips and learn us what it can do.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
yeah - my guess is that if you are rockin' the tones then you're good to go. Things like a VibroChamp, Champ 600, Blues Jr, Deluxe Reverb, HRDs, would be things to compare too.

Additionally, modeling amps to compare to would be the Vox VT-XL series, VibroChamp, Vypyr, Cubes...