So as you can guess i'm a big fan of Dimebag . I'm confused because in his book he says that he only knows a few scales and doesn't know hardly any theory . My question is that is this actually true ? I don't know any notes or theory either and mostly just play by feel . I am learning some songs and getting ideas from that but is that enough or should i take a few lessons and if so how many and what should i try and learn. I tried looking at the lessons on here for theory but its pretty confusing to try and memorize all that stuff. Any one with any ideas on this ? Thanks
in the beginning you might really struggle hard with theory, but in the end it all seems pretty much self-explaining.
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A lot of music isn't really going anywhere. There are tons of fans in here going 'oh my god, <> is evolving so much and <> is so shit lol!' but tons of it is just recycled material and tired ideas.