okay am i missing something here cuz I posted 2 threads and was told they are in the wrong section? WTF? I am a newbie and I don't understand where to post stuff i have questions about..

Next thing i noticed is this stupid pop up keeps getting in my way ... Whats that about ... I'm so annoyed and I thought this was a cool site to join . It sucks cuz there are so many different sections and it seems cool at first but it just gets ridiculous... Need some simplicity here...
use firefox and a popupblocker for the ads

As for the forum subsections go here and you will see that each section has a miniature description attached to them to guide users. As a new user i would suggest you 'lurk' for a bit, spend some time reading the FAQs etc and get to know the site. This site has over 1 million users, so without strict organisation the place would turn into a chaotic mess.

Also, posting in the specific forums means that you will get the responses of more likeminded people, therefore you will get better, more knowledgable answers.

If you have any questions you can PM me if you want, or a mod of any particular forum that you have questions about. A list of the mods and the forums they moderate can be found here
read this thread, particularly the second post, for a brief guide on what each subforum is for:

in regards to your "confused" thread in which you were told you were in the wrong forum: if you want to discuss whether or not lessons are necessary when learning guitar, the 'guitar & bass basics' forum is the best place to start, as this is where questions about learning how to play guitar should be placed, unless they are more advanced questions which might belong in 'advanced techniques'. if you want to talk about dimebag there is a pantera thread:

if you are having trouble with a popup, please read this thread:
if you can provide the required information, then post it in this forum:
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oh and whenever you are unsure of where to post something, feel free to send a private message to a moderator of one of the forums you are considering posting in. for example, if you're not sure whether to post in 'electric guitar' or 'guitar & bass basics', PM a mod from electric guitar and ask "should i post such and such in the electric guitar forum, or guitar & bass basics?" then wait for their response before making the thread. alternatively, you can always ask in here, the new member's forum, first - we don't mind questions like that.

you'll learn the ropes quickly when you have spent more time browsing the forum, don't worry
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