So, I had been using really light weight strings for pretty much ever (.009 - .042), and today, I upgraded to .011 - .049. I knew I'd have to adjust a bunch of stuff, which I was gonna get my guitar teacher to help me with tonight, but I didn't know it would be such a huge difference. Where my Floyd used to be level with the body, it is now about 1/2 an inch above. What do I adjust to get it to become level again? (Name the part on the diagram)

Also, if this should be in the Guitar G&A Forum, please tell me. I wasn't sure which one I should ask.

What you need to do is add springs to the back of your trem.
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now first of all - is your bridge parallel to the body, and still a 1/2 inch above it, or is it just the front or back part of it? if it "sinks in"to the body, then you have to open the back of your guitar, where the springs are, and either tighten them or loose them, depending on how the bridge is floating. if it is parallel, then you just have to make it lower in the pivot point, i think, at least that's how i got mine lower, because i thought my action was too high.
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