It’s written in the wind
I see it everywhere I go
there’s something I want you to know

My thoughts are running high
all my mind’s thinking of is you
and about the things we do

everything in me believes
in everything our hearts give
so I know there’s something to atife

A girl like you
never thought were get thought
all this is like a dream come true

my dreams will go on
all the time, when my mind sleeps
those dreams are what makes my heart beats

Everyone always told me “give up”
but now that your mine, alone
I just never want you to stop

When I look into your eyes
there’s only one thing I’ll see
and it’s the place I want to be


I will stand by your side when the rain is falling
and I will take you by the hand, when love is calling

I will open up my heart when you say you need my love
and I will sit down and talk, when we got a thing to solve

its a never ending story
about the words of our hearts.
So I tell you don’t worry.
It will never have to end

just a lot of veres comment good or bad veres ?
It's pretty good but there is so many songs on the subject and this isn't breaking any new ground. Crit? "We watch as it crumbles into dust"
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this has all already been said before, by pretty much everyone.

look at new ways of saying things, new techniques, metaphors, similies etc.

it doesnt seem like you put much thought into this.

also, i hope this wont actually end up in this structure (versex7, prechorus, chorus)

set it out on this page as it would be in a song situation.