Im having trouble deciding which of these pedals to purchase. The big muff appeals to me because of the tones that ive read it can do. It also appeals to me because omar rodriguez-lopez from the mars volta uses one, and that tone is that i want, but that isnt the only tone i want. what i dislike about the big muff is that it doesnt have true bypass. the metal muff seems cool but i wonder if the tone that it has is not limited to metal, although i also play some metal. in other words i want a pedal that will allow me to reach tones like the mars volta, pink floyd, melodic death metal, old school metal like iron maiden, malmsteen. please help.
gonna take more than one pedal for that, and the big muff aint gonna nail any of those tones, metal muff however can nail most of them
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alright my budget would probably be 130 dollars and i am actually playing through a fender rumble 60 watt bass amp, since i dont have a good guitar amp. does anyone know if the satchurator is any good?
^^ID have to say its the other way around.
There both diffrent pedals, the PI is more versatile than the MF in that the PI can get a wider range of OD/DS, and the MF just does balls to the walls, and balls to walls, with a passion.
If you want to know what the Metal Muff with Top Boost sounds like then listen to "Soliloquy" on my profile. The entire song was recorded using the Metal Muff through a couple of different combo amps and two guitars (Fender Starcaster S2) (Ibanez Artcore AFS75T Hollowbody).


Some complaints I have for the Metal Muff is that I couldn't get a very good palm mute tone...maybe if I had had time to play with it I could have, but the damn thing broke after a week, I don't suspect that they're all faulty, but rather I just got the one in a couple hundred that was faulty.
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If you're willing to spend $130, you might be able to get both if you look on ebay for some used ones. They both sell new for about $80, unless it's one of the vintage Big Muffs, then it's ridiculous. Third option, you can build a Big Muff Pi yourself, http://tonepad.com/project.asp?id=3. This site has a bunch of info and you can order a circuit board, which makes it really easy, and building is a lot cheaper than buying. Just an idea.
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how much will the big muff mess up my tone when it isnt on since it doesnt have true bypass
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how much will the big muff mess up my tone when it isnt on since it doesnt have true bypass

its not like your ganna sound like piss, its just true bipass, the worst youll notice is a small buzz when its of or on.
Its not ganna completely destroy your tone.