Ok, ive had a tuner, and i want to play some linkin park songs. but first...

WHat tuning do they play?

and also, how do i tune it like that, i have a tuner too.
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just don't play linkin park songs... play slayer
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i dont like slayer. no reccomending!
i meant, how do i tune it like that
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Errrr they play in mainly Drop Db on Meteora/Hybrid Theory and then Standard/Drop D/Eb standard on the newest one.

Any particular songs you're learning?
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Whats the low E string, and how do I get it to D string?

The string that has the lowest note ie the bottom one, or if you want it even simpler, the one closest to you when you're playing.

You then take that, and tune it down until it sounds the same as you're 4th string (the 3rd closest to you). They should ring the same note but just an octave apart. Then you're set!

Drop Db is the same, but all the strings are tuned a half step down first, then dropped. Eb standard is the same but without the tuned down E.

Hope that helps.