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1 Not at all
25 7%
13 4%
30 8%
37 10%
34 9%
44 12%
87 24%
52 14%
17 5%
10 Very shy
24 7%
Voters: 363.
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On a scale of 1 to 10.
1 being not shy at all and 10 being very shy.

I'd say that I'm a 7
I'm very shy with people I don't know well. Once I get comfortable with someone though, I can be pretty annoying and talkative.
7-8, mainly with new people, im alwys quite the first time

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Not at all when I'm drunk. 2 Otherwise.
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i used to be about a 7-7.5 but im down to about a 5-6.

going to college and having a job make you less shy.
7 as well.
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I'm not shy at all, and now I'm Friends with multiple college kids, seniors, and juniors.

Hurray for marching band!
I think 8 or 9, but once I know very well a person I will talk with no problems.
Only shy enough not to wave my unit around in public.
And if there weren't other thigs like LAWS prohibiting me, I'd probably do that too.
I'm not shy, I just don't like people or being around them.

I think that's called anti-social. Yeah. I'm a 10 at that.
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I used to be a 9, id never talk.

But over the years ive got soooo much more confident. I have guitar to thank for that

now i still can be a little quiet while meeting people, but once you know me, i dont shut up.

i voted 5 but i could be a 4 or 3
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4, takes about a day for me to warm up to someone, then all hell breaks loose
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5. Depends who I'm with really.
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im like an 8.5

get to know me though and ill rape your ear
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Really shy at sometimes and not at all on others. I'm usually not the one to start conversations, but I'll talk a conversation like 2 complete strangers that have known eachother for years. W/ most girls though, its alway like a 10, unless Im not trying to get in their pants. Its a curse.
7-8 when I meet new people. When I get to know them I'm not shy at all. I've been told my shyness is pretty cute though. Dunno if they were just trying to be nice though lol.
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3, I'm usually talkative and not very afraid at all to speak with new people...
4, maybe 5. With alcohol, 2.
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It always depends on the situation really. Sometimes I'll say a few words and run away crying, or other times I'll end as best friends with whoever I'm meeting for the first time.
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I voted 8.
I'm not good at making new friends but with my friends and well-known acquaintances, I can be quite the talker/joker.
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7, im kinda socially awkward when I meet new people
but after I get to know someone im loud and vulgar like I am to everyone else
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If I am with people I don't know it will be about 7/8 but if I'm with my friends then its around 4/5.
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I put 4. Recently got out of my fear of performing/speaking in public (i used to shake uncontrolably before) and now talk to a lot of people. Still takes about an hour of constant contact with a person to get really comfortable with a new person though, like my natural self.
It depends on what kind of environment I'm in, really. Sometimes I'm really awkward around certain people, but around others, I warm up to them pretty fast. So I picked 5.
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