I want to buy my girlfriend an acoustic for her birthday, to get her back into playing again (she played for a few months buy hasn't picked up a guitar in years now). What is (as far as quality of woods, construction, and most importantly sound) the best acoustic for about $300 or less in your opinion? I immediately thought of the Seagull S6, but that's really a little out of my price range. I've heard the Yamaha FG700S is nice. Anything else I should look at?
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Yamaha makes nice guitars, Ibanez has some okay stuff in the beginner's range.

For acoustics, more so than electrics, a 300 buck acoustic is gonna be just that.

Everyone should start on a crapper guitar anyway. Helps you appreciated good ones later on.
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i dont know how these guitars play or sound, but epiphone makes acoustics for 100$

also maybe a fender i think they make one for about 300$
they sound and play great too
Washburn D10S. I owned Martins, it aint better than a Martin but a good sounding guitar. Best selling acoustic in the world and an award winner. It had the trebly B&E strings for a start but a week of playing and they settled as the guitar loosened up. Also stick elixirs on it boosts the tone no end.
epiphone dove is pretty good.

also, i think there is a under 300 dollar thread.
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I know that Fender acoustics don't get a lot of love around here, but I played a friend's Fender that came in the DG-8S kit and I was very impressed at the sound and great playing. The truss rod needed adjustment and the action is still a tad high, but with a new set of strings it played beautifully and had a very nice, natural sound quality. It's lightyears ahead of my Jasmine in both respects. The whole kit is only about $200 and includes a tuner, spare strings, a spare nut, gig bag and some useless instructional crap.

I found out later that this guitar has a solid spruce top. I never thought a guitar that was part of a $200 kit would have a solid top.

I liked it so much that I'm thinking about getting one.
i boutght a new alvarez 6 string for about 250 and it sounds really good.
get elixer strings.

and i bought a Penco 12 string the other day used for 220 sounds amazing.
Yamaha's are GREAT cheap guitars. In all of my videos I'm playing Yamaha's...the videos aren't the best quality but if you want to hear what they sound like you can check out my You Tube. I got each guitar for under 300 bucks and they are my favorite acoustics.