Well on Saturday, me and my good comapdrey are going to see Airbourne/Stone Gods at the Barrowlands.

My question is this:
Is there a cloak room or any sort of room where we can dump our jackets, as I believe the pit will be just a bit too warm for jackets, and the Scottish weather means it is too cold to go without jackets.
i believe so, its not cheap tho
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The place is mahoosive. There's bound to be.

I don't know from experience, cos I got a lift and left my jacket in the car the times I've been there, but I'd say there probably is.
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I'm not 100% sure but i think there is a cloakroom when you go up the first flight of stairs near the toilets. It's too big a concert venue to not have a cloakroom. Best venue around
Yeah there is but it'll cost ya a couple of quid and your best to leave the ballroom a bit early to beat the 5 hour queue you'll be standing in after the gig.
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Yeah, there is, up the 1st flight of stairs, to the left, back of the room with the bogs and the merchandise stand.