any opinions on adding a bigsby bridge to my left-handed mexican telecaster.

also are there any opinions on upgrading the pickups on my gibson usa faded flying v?
i find the stock pickups are lacking when i try to play heavier music ie megadeth but i still want to be able to play blue/classic rock

thanks for replies
lefty fender tele standard ,
lefty tanglewood electro-acoustic
usa gibson flying v (flipped for lefty)
castrol oil can single coil electric
vox ad50vt
dunlop crybaby wah
mxr blue box

go on ireland!
dno bout the tele but id replace your amp before the pickups any day of the week
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ya theres actually special tele conversion kits on ebay, i dunno whats so special about them, but yes it shouldnt be too hard. just be sure you get the right model, B5 or B50.

and as for v replacement pickups, i agree with zapatista, look at your gear, maybe you dont have the right distortion pedal or built in distortion. but if u end up getting new pickups, im putting a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge of my firebird build, supposedly very good for a lot of styles. and i play metallica, lamb of god, led zeppelin, ac/dc, van halen, etc. so i suggest something like that, and then maybe just a plain old PAF or something a little heavier than that for the neck spot. im using a dimarzio SCHB, which is discontinued
I've got a Gibson Faded Flying V and I think the pickups sound great for Megadeth and similar styled bands. What amp are you using? If you really want to change them Dave used the Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) & Jazz (neck) up until recently when he switched to his signature Seymour Duncan Live Wire active pickups.
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