I'm just asking, to be sure, i don't wanna mess things up :P

I can connect my guitar to my amp and with a cable that goes from my amp right into the laptop's microphone port and record it?
I don't need any converter or something?

you may fry your soundcard, I should know...

also you might need a jack plug converter so it fits the (presumably) smaller laptop input

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some software too. take your pick. your best bet is to get a midi converter thing from line six or whoever.
Quote by sam i am
what ouput from te amp would you use? If its a line out there's no chance you'll fry anything. if it's a speaker out you might.

it says recording on the amp, same output as the headphones
ah the Roland cube, nice amp. I have the Micro Cube myself.

You should be fine running that record out jack to your computer line in. The micro cubs suggest that you record from the jack as the speaker is too small to get the "True" sound out of the amp...