Hey guys!
I'm in need of your help AGAIN.. hehe. The good thing is that i keep trusting you and appreciating your help which is why i keep posting hehe. Anyway, ok so I need some advices and thoughts from you guys about the Menatone King of the Britain's. I'm planning on maybe buying it, but i would like to know if anyone have it and can tell me a little about it. I don't have the chance to try it before buying it. I have to import it since I haven't found it in Sweden yet.. I will be playing it through a VOX AC15 and with a Epiphone Casino. And i will play pop/rock alternative, and I'm very into Lifehouse, which is what i mostly play, and therefore the choice of the KotB since the lead singer in Lifehouse (Jason Wade) got it but an older version, the 5 knob version. What would be the difference between the new and the old 5 knob version??

Sorry for the long text, really appreciate the answers!
Thanks in advance /José
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that's gonna sound good...

hehe ok sounds great

But does anyone have any experience with it? would i be able to get the same sound as the 5 knob with the new KotB??
Sorry for spamming, but does no one have anything to say about it? :O