Is there any difference between an orange 412 and say a avatar 412? Both loaded with v30's of course!

I only ask because if they are the same cab in build quality and same speakers. What is the difference? Are they sonic differences, does avatar use lower grade lumber or perhaps cheaper wiring?

I was looking at orange cabs online and the price is around $1000.00. If I can buy the avatar for $500.00 shipped. Or perhaps I'm just paying for the name?

I am asking because I'm not happy with my current cab. And was looking for something with v30's and thought the orange tolex would look rather nice paired with my Mesa!

Looking online I was completely baffled by the price difference.

Could someone help set me straight here? Am I missing something? I'm not trying to be a smartass, I guess I'm just blind.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
IMO you're paying for the tolex and logo and name - I have a Lopo Line (similar to Avatar) 2x12 with v30's, and I can't tell the sonic difference between those speakers and when I jack into the 2x12 in my Orange Rockerverb 50, and they look quite similar, except for the grill. I haven't gigged it, so I can't speak to long-term durability, but honestly if I was in a gigging band right now I'd probably be lazy and just jack a POD into a P.A. or something and save my back from hauling around gear all day and night
I've been having the same argument with myself. However, I'm look at 212s. I think, on the whole, you are paying for the name, 'cause just comparing specs, the cabs are almost the same. (Orange may use EVER so slightly thicker wood in their cabs, but they're about the same). But, there is one feature on Orange cabs that I don't think Avatars have, and that's the "slat" runners on the bottom of the cabs, rather than straight-up wheels or feet. This effects the acoustics of the whole deal, but I couldn't really say for better or worse. Tone is subjective.

Personally, I'd go Avatar. Heard nothing but amazing things so far, and some magazines have ranked them over vintage Marshall/Vox cabinet/speaker setups.

EDIT: Just looked up the two cabs, pretty sure the Oranges use the thicker wood.
The Orange PPC412 is 110lbs, the Avatar is about 95.
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you'll be suprised how much a "slightly thicker wood" can affect your tone. ultimately it's subjective of course, but if you can't hear the difference, go with the avatar.


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