I'm trying to teach myself guitar, and I've seen a few chords that I'm not sure how to play. They are the type of chord that for instance would be played with the 6th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st string played, but not the 5th...or other times it may the the 4th string for example that is not played.

What is the correct way to play this? It seems like I would have to take the pick and strum the 6th string first, and then try to jump over to the 4th string (because for instance the 5th sting is not played).

I hope this question make sense, and I appreciate any help.
a few years ago i was wondering the same ,

all what you must do is whit the finger that you put normally above of the string that you don't want to touch , just to "mute" it without pressing but without letting it sound

i hope i could explain this well , cos i don't have much time
Just mute that fifth string, you can still pick over it, just rest your palm lightly on it so when you pick it, it doesn't make a sound