I have problem: splitting up the money in my band.
Our drummer wants us to pay his drumheads, because they are really expensive and he has to change them from time to time.
I think you can imagine what's the problem now.

How do you solve it in your band?

I talked to my bassist and my other guitarist meanwhile. We thought about putting a part of the money we get (for example 50%) into a cash box and pay 30% of the price for consumables like the drumheads or strings with this money. The rest has to be paid by the owner of the instrument.
The rest of the money in the box is for recordings and stuff...
And the rest of the income for a gig will be split into 5, each member will get the same of course.

What do you think about this?

you're idea sounds pretty fair, i'd go along with it.

edit: on second thought, how much do drum heads cost that he can't pay for them with his share of the money alone ?
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well.. its is HIS drums? noone forced em on him? its ofc ok to chip in some, but its his responsability to take care off his gear, nor urs. but still sounds fair enough
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heads dont cost that much, your drummer is bullshitting you. and your idea sounds good anyways
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get a job,
you need to help eachother out with money as well./
say he needed new skins, then put some money together and pay out of pocket, then get the money that you made and use it only for recording
He has one bass, one snare and I think 5 toms. Only the toms and the snare costed 100€, now the bass is broken.
The problem is that we all are students, and he hasn't enough money alone...

But thanks for your help, I guess we'll have to discuss it together now.

We just put everything into the band fund for stuff like recording.
im my opinion, he should have to pay for them himself. they are his drums, he bought them, they are his responsibility, he needs to look after them.

yea, ok fair enough, strings dont cost as much as stuff for drums do, but personally, i think unless there is something like, one of the other band members use the drums from time to time, then he pays for all of it.

i dont know how much his drums cost, but i know that i have spent over AU$3000 on guitar equipment over the last two years and i dont believe that my band should help me pay for that. i was a student when i bought all that stuff, and i had a job so that i was able to buy such luxuries as a nice guitar and a nice amp, and mics and stands and pedals etc etc etc..
there was a lot of saving up involved in this expensive process.

and as for the taking 50% and putting it in a box, im not so sure i like this idea. personally i would prefer to pay for those things on an occurrence basis, rather than putting my money into a box where it could be lost or stolen etc etc. my back pocket feels much safer to me.
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I don't think you should have a financial obligation to look after another person's equipment. He should use his share of the gig income to look after his own gear.

As for the band fund, this should be used for community band purposes, such as recording, room and PA hire/purchase.

I buy my own strings, I pay for maintenance for my guitar, bearing exactly the same expenses I would if I weren't in a band.
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If it's something for a musician's personal gear like guitar strings, bass strings or drum heads, then they should pay for it.
If a drummer complains that drum heads are more expensive than strings, hard luck, fu*k him, he should have become a guitarist instead then.
Some drummers bassists and guitarists change skins and strings for each gig, can you imagine how expensive that can get?
In 25 years of playing gigs, I have never known a band pay for the drummer's heads, or the guitarist's or bass player's strings for that matter.

If it's something that's for the whole band, like maybe a full PA system (if it was simply just a vocal PA, then it would be purely the vocalist's responsibility) or a van, then yes, everyone should chip in equally.
And that's another thing, if the band pays for the drummer's heads, then to make things fair and equal, every other member of that band should recieve the same amount of money as the drummer recieved to buy any item of musical equipment they please.
My fiance has always had to pay for his own drumheads and sticks- goes through them constantly when he's practicing and playing out. I think if that's the instrument you choose to play in a band, you take care of it yourself. And if there's money to help pay, then that's an extra perk.
Slacker as per usual hits the nail on the head. Its your equipment you should look after it simple as.
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my band gets 450-500 a show and we divide it among 5 people based on work each of us does during the gig... like 4 of us get 100 usually cause we do most playing and our part time (chick singer) gets 50 or half of what each of us get that night... We don't take money out to pay for things like strings because we are all responsible for it and it wouldnt be fair if say timmy(made up) gets new drum heads that he wont change for awhile while tommy(made up) take out more money of the supply fund cause he sweats alot and rusts his strigns and always misplaces picks...

It is a good gesture you have for the cash box but some people just are more costly to have and they should get it on their own... besides some people like certain things taht cost alot... (i prefer jazz III picks and they are a little pricy compared to a regular set of picks so why should we put money away for everyone if I like a pricier pick?)