please check out my newest recording from my band The Hartt

PLEASE comment on as many songs as you would like, although i would love if you commented on all of them.

If you would also RANK them from favorite to least favorite that would be REALLY cool!

check this out first:

If you like what you hear check out some of my older recordings:
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I don't know what I can offer considering this is absolutely not my kind of music. So without any real, developed context, here's some random thoughts.
1.)Compression. This is true for some of your songs but specifically on Colored Lines the change from clean to distorted was messed up. I turned the speakers up to listen and was hit with too much volume halfway through the song. Use a little compression on the master to even out the dynamics and not let this happen.
2.) I don't know, maybe this is what you are going for but I'd like, as a listener, more melody. You have chords and progressions and rhythms but little central melody to carry this song, to go on top of everything would help me pay attention to where the song was going. This may not be your goal so take that advice with a grain of salt.
3.)It sounds like you aren't using a metronome or click track to record, again especially on Colored Line. If you aren't, then do so. If you are then check your latency on your recordings, it may be creating this effect.

I hope this is useful, again as a disclaimer, I'm not into this music but I thought maybe I could offer a different perspective.
Im listening to Snow Capped Pine...

Very cool mood in the beginning. Something ive been trying to creat. Good tones.

Overall i liked it. Good main progression.

I thought the second guitar? i think it is kinda distracts you at times.

Wasn't really a fan of the distorted tone. Drums would really help give the song a boost.
Ghost of St. Viatore

Really digging this tune . Great tone and pretty original melodies.

The other songs were not that much different.
Kinda reminds me of Bucketheads chill albums like Colma etc.

Really smooth laid back stuff ,definatly something I would like to listen to.
Thaks for the crit.

Here are my thoughts of your songs.

The Ghost of St. Viatore: I like the accent that it feels like spanish or mexican in a way. There should be some central melody though, like the other person said. The ending could be more melodical.

Snow Capped Pine: I love the beginning...really could imagine a snow capped pine on a mountain. The notes then tend to blend...i mean like clash with each other. You should maybe tweak it bit. It sounds a lillte bit chaotic there. But if that is what you are intending to convey then it's alright. But maybe a little bit of straightening out would be nice. The distortion part could be improved. I don't know how to say this.LOLS...make it less hiss.

There was a Man:I like the guitar melody part. It's short so I couldn't say anything much.

Melted Igloo...: I like the chord prog. Jazzy. It's short and the melody leaves me wanting more.

I haven't listened to the last 2 songs yet. Well I listened to the first part of World's We Haven't Met. It's cool. Overall I liked you sound and vibe. The distortion does not quite hit me yet. There should be drums as the person above said.
Keep up the good work.
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Sorry it has taken me so long to crit yours; I've been very busy. Well here we go:

The Ghost of St. Viatore: I like the overall atmosphere of the recording; it really does sound like the haunting of a ghost. It does tend to get a little repetitious, but it has a really nice atmospheric sound and the guitar playing is very good. It's a very good idea but you could develop it a lot more.

Melted Igloos Are Not Homes: I really liked this one a lot. It is a very good jazz progression, but once again I wish you had developed this one a bit more. Also try to bring out the melody out a bit more, it seems to be washed in with the rhythm. You also tend to get off rhythm here and there with yourself, that needs to be worked on. Overall though this is very cool.