I use Elixir strings. I love their tone. However, the low E and A strings squeak a lot. I work on my technique enough to keep the squeaking to a minimum for chord changes, however a lot of the pieces I'm playing now require string bends on the low E.

I have no idea how to eliminate the squeak when I bend on that string, and its driving me crazy. I want to use lubricant, but the FAQ at Elixir's site says not only is lubricant not needed, its not recommended.

Is it still safe to use lubricant?

My guitar is a Washburn D10s, with Elixir mediums
Try some lubricant, if it doesn't work, try new strings.
Its worth the $50 to find the right strings.
If that is even the case.
Shawn George Noel
Take a pencil and coat the strings at the headnut with the graphite. Thats what I do when I first put strings on.