I have been trying to record my guitar on my laptop.I'm using audacity,a cord goes from my amp to a mixer then to my laptop.But when I record I get this reverb,wah wah,chopiness.What am I doing wrong?
Make sure your mic isn't set to some sort of talk filter. That will screw up the sound and make it all flangy if you use any distortion.
Using a laptop.

Biggest mistake ever. And doing it with a cable. You need a good quality mic (shure SM58 is a good one for guitar i think), an amp, a mic stand and a mixer with a usb interface to plug it into your PC.
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Sounds like you are recording the playback as well which is then clipping and distorting.
You really should invest in a proper audio interface if you want to record. They are not that high in price.

Try going though your control panel and make sure the sliders are set so you dont record the playback and also make sure the in and out is set on the software (Audacity).