I just finished recording my new piece called Late Night Ride. I kind of envisioned a James Bond-like adventure when I wrote this. It's primarily in 6/8 though it does venture to 2/4 (OH MY GOD) in the coda. It changes keys a little bit here and there, but it is mostly in Bb Minor and E minor. It is rock but has a lot of jazz influence and such. Please listen and critique and I will be sure to C4C. It's in my profile, so enjoy!
I really like it, very jazz fusion-ish. It has some reallly cool riffs i love the chord progression at the beginning, super cool. Couple crits... the mixing is poor, work on balancing the volumes with the distorted parts. I like the whole beginning, but then in goes into a polka sounding thing and i kind of loose it there. It becomes too metal sounding and i dont like it that much. Does not sound like James bond at all. I which you would just stick wiht that beginning part i love that. The very end is pretty cool. I dislike the harmonics and metal sounding things in there. STICK WITH THE JAZZ. maybe its just me though, im not a huge metal fan.

C4C Please:
I really like the opening octaved guitar. Kicked in now..lead almost sounds electronic. Reminds me of some vai. Really cool. An opening complaint though is the mix. the drums need more volume and presence. They're kind of weak. I love this metally section. Its truelly great, sounds circus-y. and the pinch harmonic a while back was awesome haha. And yeah..i can hear the james bond-esque of this. Unlike our friend above^ i dig the metal parts haha. the sax patch is cool. This whole thing is cool. Great work. Just mix it a little stronger.

Wow thank you all for your comments! Yeah, the James Bond idea was not in the chord progression, its not the V-augV-VI-augV progression or whatever it is that you hear in all that spy music. Its just the overall concept. What I was trying to do stylistically was combine my love for jazz and rock so in this piece I would never stick with the jazz nor the rock, but I will probably write some jazz pieces as time progresses haha. Yeah this is my first real attempt at making a good mix so it of course isnt perfect, but it is much better than my older mixes. I'll have to work on making the drums have more presence in the track; I was having a very difficult time getting them to blend in and not overshadow other parts. And yeah, Steve Vai is one of my guitar influences so I did a lot of his sliding tricks and such to make the guitar line sound more fluid.
Dude that is great. I really want you to make more music like that. Any critiques I have, have only to do with the production. The drums kinda sound flat and out of the mix. I know for this style you don't need huge rock drums but I think the song would benefit if they were brought forward even a little more.

Your guitar playing is very cool and does very well with your chord choices. I love the middle section, its very fitting and gives the whole song a great feel. The end reminds me of Dream Theater circa Train of Thought (I think its "As I Am" or "This Dying Soul"), and a very TINY bit like Trivium's "The Crusade" (just the tapping). Definitely keep the heavier parts - they give the song its edge and style.

Write more, and let us hear it. Nice job.

And C4C if you like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=999208
I like this alot it has a very frantic feel to it at points and paints a vivid picture in my mind as the song progresses, i love the fusion style playing its great, and im just curious but are you a guthrie govan fan?
I would listen to this in my spare time. I really like it, the guitar work is strong, it's fairly technical yet melodic, i love the layering of the guitar parts, the drum work is solid, and i love that it's uber--proggy. Awesome ska part you threw in there, i loved the opening bit too. How long did it take you to do this? It sounds like the fruits of hard labour. The song doesn't drag at all, there is a ton of substance in this song, and yeah i'll probably end up downloading it or something. I like your legato, too.

Overall, i think it's fantastic. You've got a great musical imagination.
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I really like the opening section, but I kinda lost it once that ended. I didn't get that much of a "mood" from the part after it. Part of it was (possibly) too much distortion on the guitar. It started to sound to metal towards the end and even though I like metal, I just didn't like the rest of it that much.

I didn't notice the mix problem that much, but I'm not good with that stuff.
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sounds great man, layering seems to be a strength of yours. It all mixes and blends very well. keep it up!
Pro's: good lead playing, different then what I would consider from the norm. The Chord progressions are solid, and the overall sound of the song was pretty great. It felt a little crowded in certain parts of the song. The actual playing is very impressive

Con's The distortion tone is a bit too muddy. The drums sound so fake, also I didn't feel much of a bass presence.

Overall 8/5 out of 10, basically I'd love for you to get a band and record some stuff to give it that real sound! great job and thanks for the crit on mine
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Ok, the maturity in the way you compose is properly incredible. You really have a vista and this is very rare.
As a guitarist, I would like to hear a little more "show-off" solos in your music, but I understand that this is not your goal and I respect that.
I'm sure I'll hear about you very soon from elsewhere than this forum.
(Thx for your comment on my music)
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