For my whole guitar playing life , I've been having trouble writing songs.
Not that I don't have any ideas , I have ALOT of good ones.
I'm just trying to overperfect everything ,get frustrated and just ditch the song.

Recently I realized that if I keep going like this I will never write any songs.
I just plugged my guitar in , layed down some beats and just let it rip.
I played without really thinking and when I stopped recording I had a 5 minute long song.
I sent it to some people and they all said it's pretty solid which motivated me to go on.

[short version here]
So now I have the whole backing recorded , and I have figured out what goes where.
It took me like 5-10 minutes to write record this so I'm moving pretty quick.
Should be done at the end of the week.


Subscribe or something cause I probably gonna post "demos" daily and you can't post that much in this forum.

Audio quality is pretty bad but I gonna fix that later on.
That quick-ish part is supposed to be picked but since I don't have it done 100% yet , I sloppily tapped it.

Crit for crit ofcourse

I like writing alot
Thank you
Do you mean the rythm guitar or the lead guitar ?
Cause if I overdrive the lead guitar more , my computer's gonna expload.There's already alot of nasty buzz going on.
I'm plugging into my mac and using garageband for all effects.

Gonna crit you back in a sec

Here's a video I did earlier today , I jammed over the whole tune : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTVhNW-c1CM

I'm putting it up just so you can get an idea of the structure.
It's a bit embarassing though cause the playing is really not PGM worthy on that vid.
"This is the first time I picked up the guitar so stuff is really choppy and sloppy but don't b hatin' :P
This is just a demo."
me ...
i was thinking more drive on both
did you put the guitar just into garage band and use the built in effects or did you have pedals i with it?
and what you can do, if it wont play the whole song at times, get rid of tracks you dont need, take off the reverb and echo on all tracks if you dont need it and use the gate at about 30 to 50
or you can restart your computer and try again (use this last)
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I recently got over that same problem of over thinking everything you write. I've started going wherever a song takes me and throwing out less and less ideas even though I may think they are silly at the time. Your song sounds pretty cool so far. Its hard to say with only 1 minute to listen to though since you don't have enough time down to really see where it goes (if anywhere). Your solos seem interesting enough to carry a song for a good deal of time though so I think this could be a good start. Don't self-censor, I wanna see(hear) the final product.

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Your tone is sick by the way.
Thanks guys for all the good feedback , definatly motivates me to keep going
Gonna record more in a couple of hours , should have something up later today.