Hey guys,

I recently bought a midi to usb cable and i have been able to connect my korg microkorg to my mac.

im using garageband, and its working fine as a midi controller, but i hate garagebands software instruments and samples.

In MIDI settings the options for Audio Input are: Built in microphone, built in input, and System Setting, and for Output it says System Setting and Built-In Output. i currently have built in input selected and built in output.

How do I record the kickass sounds of the micro korg into garageband?
run a lead from the audio output on the Korg to the audio input on the Mac. Midi sends just the information of what key you've pressed and how hard you've pressed it etc, and Garageband synthesises it. It sounds like you want to use the in-built synthesiser on your keyboard? If that is the case, just take the audio output on the keyboard and plug it into the audio input on the Mac.

EDIT: just google the Microkorg, run a stereo lead (stereo jack to stereo minijack) from the headphone out (furthest right on the back) to the line-in on the mac.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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