I like it. Intensely. Beautiful piano in Time.
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thanks man, it's kind of funny because our piano is immensely out of tune, but i also used a micron synthesizer over that sooo i think that helped?
Another Dylan - awesome!

I'm quite interested in hearing how you recorded these tracks, because the quality is really quite good. I quite like the sound of the piano in Time, and I can hear it being rather out of tune, but you mange to make that sound good (as if its out of tune slightly on purpose).

Also, I quite like the sound of your voice - it suits the music very well (I especially love the vocal harmonies/double tracking). Normally I'd reprimand you for using effects, but you use them in a very tasteful manner, and you don't overuse them (which is the downfall of most musicians who use effects). In all honesty, I don't have anything negative to say, and I haven't got much constructive criticism either because this suits my musical interests very well.

Though you haven't received any constructive criticism from me, at least you've won yourself a new fan . If you've got some spare time give some of my tunes a listen and tell me what you think here: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
I really like the sound of your voice. Get your piano tuned though.
haha well, i live w/my dad who doesn't exactly get the best pay, so we can't hire someone to come and tune it....but my mom in pittsburgh, she has this EPIC grand piano that i'm hoping to record on this weekend? we'll see.