Well? Include how good you are from what people have said to you, and how long you have been playing them if you can. And yes I've used search bar.

Guitar - I'm good but a lot of people say I'm amazing, I'm just good. Almost 2 years

Drums - I'm ok I've been playing for about 3 years, people that actually play drums tell me I'm amazing and they ask me what kind of set I have but they I always tell them I don't because I don't . My friend who's been playing the drums for years actually said to me "dude your amazing you are my drumming inspiration".

Bass - Bad, I'm terrible at it, my little brother though is a prodigy. His username is heavymetal31

Singing - I do it for fun, I sang So Long Goodbye by Sum 41 to one of my friends and she said I was pretty good, I just need a few lessons.
I play keyboards (those were actually the only classes I took), guitar (almost 2 years - my main instrument - not bad) and bass (I'm not really good at it, but I really like to play it). Sometimes I'll sing or play harmonica, if I'm doing something more country-ish...

I believe that it's good that people don't stick to only one instrument.

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Bass and guitar are the two I play most often. I can play keyboard a bit, but I rarely ever play it. I play my friend's drumset every time I go over to his house, which is once every week or two. I'm pretty good at drums, especially taking that into consideration. I'm not necessarily anything special, but I could probably fill in for your average metal drummer if someone ever asked me to.
Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass all with varying degrees of competence.
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Guitar, keyboard, and use a bass like a guitar (=/= playing bass),
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Guitar, and I can play bass as well. Just not the best at finger pickinnn.
i play the cowbell
been at it for a few years (4-5?)
id say im pretty good but my friends all say im amazing
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Your mom. I'm good, but she says I'm amazing; I'm just good. Been for almost 2 years now.
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I can play Alto Saxophone and guitar. I hope in the future I can learn to play piano and trombone.

Sax - 4 years
Guitar - about 1 year
I can play the guitar and thats pretty much it 5 years, I SUCK

And if 2 years = amazing i must be effin' Stevie Ray Vaughan or something

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Guitar and drums, I'm decent at guitar and suck at drums but I just restarted drums, I'll get better.
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Drums- All on Hard, most on expert.

Bass- All on expert

Guitar- Most on expert

Mic- All on expert
i've played guitar for like 7 years. i play bass too cause thats basically guitar for slow individuals. and i picked up drums probably like 2 or 3 years ago. i've done all of them in bands before. i'm not gonna be retarded and tell you how good i am at any of them.
Guitar, which means i can mess around on bass

drums a little

and im picking up keyboard
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i'm quite proficient with the oboe. the upstairs neighbor tends to disturb my practice.
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Guitar - I'm alright non-guitar playing friends think im really amazing though lol

Alto Sax- uhhh...only played it for half a year, but practiced about an hour and a half every day. I can play basicic stuff and Eye of the Tiger(lol), but im really not that good

Recorder - Once again, im alright

Piano - Terrible.
Guitar, bass and keyboards. Not great on any really but I know me bits and bobs, mainly on bass probably but I'm getting better on guitar I think.
1. Electric and Acoustic Guitar-I'm pretty good. not a master, but I'm proud of myself
2. Bass- I could fill in for a bassist but its not something I pursue
3. Drums- I really want to get into drums. Right now I'm not that great but I know a few rhythms and I can drum in odd time signatures fairly proficiently.
4. French Horn- this is my concert and marching band instrument. I've been playing for 3 years, but I don't really enjoy it all that much.
5. Vocals- I can rock a mic pretty well, sing harmony. I wouldn't really like being lead vocals though.
6. trumpet- I can play this instrument simply because most of the fingerings are the same as a french horn.

Also any close relative to guitar (i.e. mandolin, banjo) I can pick up pretty quick.
I play guitar, bass and drums. Been drumming for six years, it's my best instrument. Guitar for three, i'm coming along well. Bass I play on the side, just messing around. I have been practicing bass alot lately, and i'm learning some Cannibal Corpse songs. Been playing for a year.
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I play guitar, bass and drums. Been drumming for six years, it's my best instrument. Guitar for three, i'm coming along well. Bass I play on the side, just messing around. I have been practicing bass alot lately, and i'm learning some Cannibal Corpse songs. Been playing for a year.

What? The game has only been out like a year...
I used to play the Violin for 5 years and was the no.1 player of our badge. IDK what happened but now I dont even have a violin at my place.

And I play the Piano besides Guitar.
Guitar would be my weapon of choice
I can play flute, and i'm just starting on my mandolin. also i know a basic amount of piano
Uke/recorder from elementary school
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Bass Guitar - Only 3 weeks, but I've been working at it. I can play a few easy songs without screwing up, but that's about it.

Singing - Yeah right... I'm not even going to attempt it...