I need a new amp, i really want a Peavey Valve King 112 but they are a little big and expensive so i was looking at the Roland Cubes and the 60 looked good for the money, how is it?
The Cube 60's are nice amps. Try a Peavey Vypyr too if you haven't. I heard one and bought it on the spot. I owned a Cube 60 last year too and I must say the Vypyr smokes it in every single way.
well, it's good for the price. but i say get a nice tube amp, unless you want the built in effects. take the Valveking.
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i've got the microcube and i love it.
the regular cubes are much better, more amp models and 3 band EQ, something i miss on the microcube.
my favorite all solid state amplifier. go for it.

and havent heard any about the vypyr, but check it out.
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