A little thrash piece I put together in an hour or so. Needs a lot of work but just need to know if I should keep working on it or what.

Tuxguitar file
gp4 and gp5 are all in the file.

No rhythm guitar either. I suppose if I keep working on it there will be harmonization and such.

C4C let me know what you think. Also post a link to what song you want me to crit.

EDIT: When I say "Death influence" I meant death metal in general. I don't particularly care for the band Death.
new song.zip
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Now that's a very good melody, I can imagine a death voice singing along. You should work on a solo, and a name for the song; add a couple of slides, a pick slide would be cool.
Good luck with your proyect
hey man, thanks for the crit! i appreciate it.

now on to yours:

Intro: I liked the intro. it really set the tone for the rest of the piece and that little 7 note lick at the end of bar 4 is cool. that slide is epic haha. really kinda took me back to those "hahaha, wipeout!" days (if you dont get it, its cool).

Bar 6: Starting the new riff, i like it. it kinda evokes a swing feel to it, pretty cool.

Bar 8: I liked the power chords in this riff, they're arranged well. especially bar 9.

Bar 12: IMO, this riff doesnt really fit with the previous one. if there were more of a transition to it, it could sound better..and maybe with the absence of a lead guitar, im a little biased, but somethin about this riff didnt click. the drums could be a little more musical here as well. not a bad idea for a riff, just make it fit a little better. It sounded good switching back to the "bar 6" riff tho.

Bar 22: I really like the halftime feel in this riff. this must be the chorus or a breakdown. it sounds good and i like the chord placement and dissonance u used. very heavy, very death.

From there, i have troubles listening. Unless you have a coda repeat on..but it keeps takin me back to the beginning. i think it just repeats itself but oh well.

Overall this has some pretty good potential. For death influenced music, i think it definitely needs a lead. you should continue working on this one. add some more drums and a lead and its gold.

7/10 for now.
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really good man. interesting you said you dont care for death because i heard some death-esque riffing going on in there. which is a very good thing btw. work on a good melodic solo, and maybe bring in a fast part somewhere later in the song if you can fit one in.

8/10 atm, but has potential.

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first riff not bad
bars 22-30 good
i don't liked it all, a little boring
drums are bad, if you use crash cymbals it sounds better

7-, sorry, i don't liked it

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Thanks guys, Apollo I don't know what the problem is but I'll defiantly take your advice. It helps a lot. Bar 12 is a really thrashy riff, but I listened to it and I defiantly need a fill or something. Thanks =]

Ripping, Thanks. I will defiantly go for a melodic solo. Like I said I'm not done with it yet so It needs a lot of work. I'm sure some sounds like Death because they influenced a lot of bands and their roots are still here in my music, haha.

Oh and the drums are limited because my drummer doesn't have a double bass pedal yet and I'm not experienced with drum beats and such.