so i guess this really isn't bout my amp as much as my head phones. I bought a new pair today so i can shred into the wee hours of the mourning without keeping my family up. anyways i got a new pair cause my old ones kinda pinched off the amps sound a bit, only the new ones do the same thing. just wondering ifi got a shitty headphones, its just my amp (will be replaced as soon as i can afford a new one), or if theres no problem because all head phones will do that.
First off, what amp are you using?

Second, what brand/model headphones did you buy?

Third, you're amp is going to sound the same through little speakers as it will being pushed through normal guitar speakers. Headphones are designed for all audio where as the speakers in your amp are voiced for guitars - go find some 12" speakers that you would use with your stereo or put in your car or whatever and hook them to your amp and it is not going to sound the same because they are voiced for general audio purposes and not specifically for guitars.
Yeah, speakers are a very important step in the EQ hierarchy. hooking up hifi speakers (like a stereo) will sound much different- guitar-specific speakers will distort the sound and add a bit more midrange, giving it a fatter sound.
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Yeah, that's pretty much what I wanted to know. My amps pretty much shit, but the phones aren't half bad so I figured it was either something to do with the amp whether it was supposed to do that or not.