Normally being a straight up rock and metal guitarist, this song is kinda out there for me. Its Drum and Bass influenced with Ratatat style guitar soloing. I'm not completely sure how to explain it. I approached this song completely differently than anything else I have written and I think I like this new direction. Its at my site, give it a listen - "The Sea".

The Sea

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I like the beginning alot. Really cool feel and sounds. The solo is so cool. I like it alot, it really fits in well with the rest of it. The video game sounds are fun. Not a huge metal fan, but gotta say this is pretty cool. I like the feel of it, although it is a basic tune, you really take it to the next level with the different guitars and melodies. Nice work!

Loving the drum beat in the beginning. Sweet background noises too.

I felt the drums kinda overpowered the guitars, unless thats what you intended.

Solo was cool. Very fitting.

Some really sweet riffs in there. I'd listen to more songs like this.

Keep it up.
I'm criting while listening.
So far I'm really digging the beat and the synth.
Kinda buckethead fused with racer x .
Loving that synth melody
Nice riffage.

Ok I'm done listening it was realy great but just a bit more variation would've been cooler.
If you used that main riff to make a nice speedier solo or something like that .
Otherwise really good song idea. I like drum n bass so I was definatly digging the track.
that is an amazing song mate :O
the guitar sounds very epic, paul gilbertesque in my opinion .
love the keyboard arpeggios also.

Despite the guitars epicness they were abit low in the mix, although i dunno whether it was intentional as it fits the drum and bass motive. Still a very original piece of work, featuring excellent guitar playing, you should be proud
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thanks for the crit
and the only word i can use to describe this song is
I really like the sound and the solos mixed together
its all around amazing!
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I can see why you called it the sea! Cool breathy type sound at the start.

The guitar work is awesome! I really didn't expect it. I thought the whole thing was going to be synthesised sounds.
I like it, the Synth that starts at 01:30 reminds me of the soundtrack of FF IV!
I love the way the guitar comes in, nice chugging in the background!
just now the stronger snare came in, gives it a nice feel!
the solo that starts at 3:38 is sweet!
Overall i must say, great effort! the sound is ok, the content is great!
keep up the great work!

crit mine plz
The lead and rhythm guitars are doubled tracked a lot of the time in this song. The lead guitar double sometimes straight doubles and sometimes goes into harmony, either in thirds or an octave up. When its an octave up thats what gives it a Digitech Whammy Pedal kind of sound.

Thanks for all the great comments guys, I'll post a new song in a little.
this is awesome! I love the beat the chord progressions and the solos to this! The tones for each guitar part are very well thought out for the riff they play. The beat is addictive and i love the part where you start doing the two part harmonies wqith the guitars!

If you could review my song Magnification i would love any advice or imput you have! thank you very much and excellent job!