I've never heard of them. How are they different from their Black Label strings *which are amazing, I have to add*?
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I'm guessing there not as good as black label, but its always worth trying new strings!

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They are totally different from the black label ones because first of all they are from nickel(the outer wrapping at least) , and not steel, so they must be more "mellow". Also, they are a bit cheaper. Other than that, I can't know, since I have tried only the red, and the black label ones.
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Thanks for the input chaps.

It's for a bass I've bought for our eldest daughter. It needs a clean and some new strings, but I'm too much of a tightwad to put DR's on it! So I guess she'll just have to be the guinea pig...
The only cheaper strings I can find are Rotos, and I wouldn't do that to her. I used to use Warwick stainless on my BCR before I discovered the DR's, so I know they're good. I just wondered if the quality of the yellows is as good.
What exactly are you insinuating about Rotos?

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Seriously tho'; I used to use them all the time on my Ricky copy, 'cos they just sounded right. Until two consecutive sets with dead strings which appeared to have been scatterwound. I get scatterwinding on pickup coils, but not strings.
I voted with my cash then, and I still do now. Cheap'n'cheerful I can live with; cheap'n'nasty I can't.
I'm hoping the Warwicks are the former.

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Yeah, apparently there was a period where quality control was awful at Rotosound, and Billy Sheehan (presumably among others) stopped using them because they were so inconsistant. He explained that there was a death in the family, they bought a bad batch of metal, yadda yadda, but they straightened it out.

I've yet to buy a set with a dead string, so if you're interested in getting back into them CJ, I'm sure they'll be good.
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I've no doubt that a company of James How's reputation and standing would allow a situation like that to stand for long.
I thought that was the case, 'cos just about everybody I knew used Roto's of one type or another, guitar and bass. The majority of us had these problems, and the majority of use wrote (this being about 1990, none of us had t'netz) to JH. No replies, no explanations, it was just really poor all up.
Other than a set of Pressurewounds, I haven't touched them since. As it happens, the Pressurewounds are on the Rick copy, 14 years old! Maybe when I renovate it, I'll pop some RS66's on it for old times sake. Then you can email JHI and claim freebies as an ambassador for their products!