So for christmas I'm probably gonna get an amp and the parental units need to know what one I want. I am probably gonna get a Peavey but I was wondering how good the Vypyr series is? Can you tell me the pros and cons of this one? I


plan on playing blues/classic rock and some metal. Does it have good tone? How does it sound loud? Tell all you can about this amp. Also is it a tube amp?
First, no it is not a tube amp. It won't be as loud as a tube amp because it's solid state, but it should be able to keep up with drums seeing as it's 75 watts. Don't know about the tone though. Hope I could help.
all i can tell you is that its not a tube amp, and theyre supposed to give you a very wide range of tones, because they combine every peavey amp into one
My friend has the peavey 30, it has a fairly nice tone. It is pretty complex with all of the effects and amp models, but I'd say its a pretty versatile amp. I would recommend the 30 though, cause the the 75 is really really loud even at like 3. The 75 is not a tube amp. There are plenty of sounds you can get out of it, and can probably do what your looking for.
so Pros:
-versatile starter amp
-plenty of effects and amp models to choose
-footswitch allows for looping and changing settings

-doesnt have terrific tone, but still not too bad
-can get dam confusing with all the settings
-gets muddy when cranked

Definitely suggest trying it out if possible. Also how loud do you need your amp? are you gigging, just practicing at home, or jamming with friends?

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Im sure the 30 will be loud enough, my friends vypyr 30 can definitely overpower our drummer
Epiphone G-310 SG
Epiphone Hummingbird
Yamaha CG-101
Peavey Classic 30
go to a guitar center or sam ash and try them out for yourself, its really the only way youll know whats best for you
or you could wait just a little while because there is a tube model comming out if you don't know already and it's 60w around $440 if thats any good advice.
the Vypyrs are very nice amps
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