Its called a Hiwatt 20 I THINK...its 20 wats, black amp about blues junior sized...its on sale at my local guitar shop , used, EXCELLENT condition, $500
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I don't have any personal experience with any Hiwatt amps but I've heard they are pretty nice - You should go down to the shop and try it out (if you haven't already) and then decide whether or not its worth the price.
I believe there hand made though this is only from word of mouth as I have never even seen one in real life.

And I to have heard nothing but love for the brand, in the end its all up to the sound you like, go play it yourself.
I've played a real high end Hiwatt once (my dad's mate had one) and I can say unless you're really good, I wouldn't recommend it because they're very sensitive to your playing. If you're good enough, though, it looks like a steal at that price.
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